Facebook Chat Smilieys

So you know that Facebook Chat supports some smileys, but did you know there are hidden smiles? That's ok, don't feel bad, a lot of people don't. So here is a list of all the currently know smiles.

It is also possible to use your facebook user name inside brackets to show the users avatar. For instance to use the IP Panda avatar in this way you would use [[whatsmyippanda]] or a few other examples are:

[[google]] – Google Icon
  [[googlechrome]] – Google Chrome Icon
[[youtube]] – Youtube Icon
[[facebook]] – Facebook Icon

Smiley Name ShortCut(s)
Like (y)
Smile :-)  or  :)  or  :]  or  =)
Frown :-(  or  :(  or  :[  or  =(
Gasp :-O  or  :O  or  :-o  or  :o
Grin :-D  or  :D  or  =D
Tongue :-P  or  :P  or  :-p  or  :p  or  =P
Wink ;-)  or  ;)
Curly Lips :3
Kiss :-*  or  :*
Grumpy >:(  or  >:-(
Glasses 8-|  or  8|  or  B-|  or  B|
Sunglasses 8-|  or  8|  or  B-|  or  B|
Upset >:O  or  >:-O  or  >:o  or  >:-o
Confused o.O  or  O.o
Shark (^^^)
Pacman :v
Squint -_-
Angel O:)  or  O:-)
Devil 3:)  or  3:-)
Unsure :/  or  :-/  or  :\  or  :-\
Cry :'(
Robot :|]
Heart <3
Kiki ^_^
42 :42:
Putnam :putnam:
Penguin <(")